Prototype Casting Inc. offers rapid prototype to production castings for a wide variety of industries.; specializing in non-ferrous alloys.

Engineering Support

Nearly half of our employees hold engineering degrees. From basic feedback on casting and machining to reverse engineering, 3D CAD modeling, and finite element analysis, our engineering department is capable of supporting projects large and small. read-more.gif

Machined Parts

There are times when cutting a part from stock is the only way (or most economical) way to produce it. Our full-line machine shop is staffed with both engineers and operators who are capable of producing the highest quality parts. read-more.gif

Inspection & Testing

With an in-house CMM we can perform most dimensional inspections on-site. We have experience with variety of customer defined pressure and leak tests as well. Additionally, we can send parts out for x-ray, dye penetrant, tensile test bars, and other testing services. read-more.gif


If the foundry you typically use is experiencing longer than normal lead times, we can often engineer and cut matchplate tooling in a matter of weeks instead of months. We have 3 CNC machines dedicated to tool cutting operations. read-more.gif

Part Modification

Sometimes a part needs updated or is going to obsolescence, or simply doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to. For those times, you need a partner that can modify tooling or reproduce the part, repair old tooling, or modify it in a permanent way. read-more.gif

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Our Clients

Just a sample of our clients: