If you're experiencing longer than usual lead times, we can often engineer and cut matchplate tooling in a matter of days or weeks, depending on size read-more.gif

Casting Processes

Prototype Casting, Inc. offers seven different casting processes capable of manufacturing a variety of parts read-more.gif

Machined Parts

Our engineers and operators, with our full-line machine shop, are capable of producing high-quality machined parts read-more.gif

Aluminum Heat Treating

Our revolutionary furnace, using our in-house treatment system, is capable of treating most aluminium castings in a matter of days read-more.gif


Our company manufactures metal components in prototype and low-volume production quantities. Whether it is 1 or 5,000 parts, we deliver functional components and assemblies that meet your demanding delivery schedules.


With many complementary processes, we can assist you in producing everything from prototype printed parts all the way up to production die castings.

The prototype industry is driven by constant technological changes and advances and in order to stay at the top of the market, a metal foundry must excel at education, engineering know how and managing risks in making something for the first time while meeting the challenging demands of you the customer. We benefit your business by speeding up your operations and helping you operate more efficiently.

As a Foundry and Machine Shop, our efficient production of parts comes in the form of optimized planning and knowing that a project starts with the right choices in process, alloy and engineering design for the job. Depending on the application, an alloy must be determined and the most appropriate process will be chosen.

Let Protocast Inc. be your reliable partner in the field of metal and aluminum casting as we highly value an excellent client relationship. We would like to act as your partner in development, sharing ideas in material choices, product designs and machining to achieve optimal casting through open dialogue. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us at any time.   

Recent Work: From what we can share

Sample RPM casting

Right Side Reg.JPG     sample part 1.JPG

Sand Casting and Hogouts                                                   Sand Casting prior to finished machining



Investment large sample2.JPG

  •  Gear Case

  • Save time and money by making a weldment into a sand casting instead

  • Electric bike wheels

  • Sample Investment Casting


qoates.gifIn regards to the parts. Very nice job. The taper joint was spot on and so were almost all of the other critical features. . Tricky job, but he pulled it off. I am a little out on a limb here and this was a very visible set of parts. I couldn't be stoked more.
Peter Yodis
Design Engineer, Harold Beck Co.

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