The ability to select the most appropriate process based on the design requirements of the part allows us to tailor our solutions to our customer’s needs. From Rapid Investment casting using a lost wax process, or a Printed Sand Mold casting which both are suitable for making smaller quantities of parts to limited production via Air Set Precision Sand casting, and Die Casting services which allow us to make production quantities, we have a process that fits the job.

When the part is too large for our lost wax investment casting process, and the number of parts doesn’t justify hard tooling, we can offer castings using one of our core processes. We can cut soft tooling and then cast in Precision Sand. We can also utilize a printed sand mold process. Additionally, we are fully capable of machining parts from stock.

Each process we offer has advantages and limitations. Our sales staff and engineers analyze each job to ensure we’re using the appropriate process for the job based on a number of factors.

Rubber Plaster Mold

Using a variety of techniques we create a silicone master tool for the part…>read more

Rapid Investment Casting

Using a 3D wax pattern printing system, we can quickly create complex wax patterns for a fraction of the cost of DMLS…>read more


Specializing in machining of cast prototypes means our machinists and engineers are experts in the unique challenges presented by castings…>read more

Precision Sand Casting

Precision Sand or No Bake Sand is a fine grain sand combined with a two part urethane binder to make sand castings…>read more

Printed Sand Mold

We can print sand castings’ molds or cores, using a printed sand machine This process,uses 3D Printer technology to print a sand mold directly onto a print bed…>read more

Permanent Mold Casting

The tooling can be single or multi-cavity depending on part size and quantity requirements and expected tool life can vary based on the tooling material and part geometry…>read more

Die Casting

Molten metal is injected into the cavity under high pressure filling thin walls and small features, then solidifies very quickly and the die is opened to eject the casting(s)…>read more

Aluminum Heat Treatment

Using our in-house heat treatment system, we are able to heat treat most aluminum castings to T6 condition in 2 to 3 days from receipt of parts…>read more