Maybe you’ve been looking for a metal foundry in Denver. If so, you’ve found the best here at Protocast Inc.! If you need to meet stringent project deadlines, require high-quality castings, or maybe need to test for form, fit, and function prior to production, we’ve got you covered here at Protocast Inc. Our machinists and engineers are well-versed in helping a wide variety of clients with the support needed to turn prototype into full-on production. No one will beat us in terms of passion, experience, or dedication to your particular project. We take weeks instead of months. Learn more!

  1. All About Aluminum Casting

    Let’s dive right into today’s post, which, as the title no doubt already gave away, is all about aluminum casting. Briefly, though, allow us to explain when and why you would use Protocast Inc., beyond the obvious purposes of the aforementioned aluminum casting services. When And Why Would You U…Read More

  2. A Reintroduction To Protocast Inc.

    We are a Denver machine shop that is experienced in working with a wide range of client types — businesses that hail from a diverse group of industries, from automotive, aerospace, and defense, to medical, robotics, and oil & gas. We specialize in aluminum, magnesium, and zinc cast and CNC mac…Read More