From aluminum to magnesium, zinc, and steel we produce the highest quality parts with industry-leading lead times. If you are interested in finding a reliable yet cost-effective machine shop in Denver, we have you covered here at Protocast Inc. We specialize in the machining of cast prototypes, and our engineers and machinists are experts in bringing your unique project to life with our blend of experience and passion for what we do. You won’t find another Denver machine shop this dedicated to meeting your needs — all for an affordable price! Learn more about Protocast Inc. today

  1. Rapid Prototype Casting and Machining in Denver

    Rapid Prototype Casting And Machining In Denver

    Whether you are in need of rapid prototype casting for aluminum, magnesium, or a zinc cast, we at Protocast Inc. oversee projects from prototype to production, utilizing clean and efficient manufacturing processes to provide our customers with an affordable casting resource when they need it most. E…Read More