1. What is Investment Casting, and How Does It Work?

    Investment casting is a very important aspect of our business here at Prototype Casting. But what exactly is investment casting, and why does it matter? In today’s post, we’ll outline the process for investment casting, it’s importance, and it’s place in the context of a machine shop. The Ba…Read More

  2. The History of Metal Casting

    Throughout human history, mankind has sought out to make things easier, more efficient, and more sustainable to benefit themselves as well as generations to come. The reduction in labor since early times is a major payoff when it comes to innovation. For millennia, mankind has manipulated the natura…Read More

  3. CNC Machining of Aerospace Parts and Components

    How It All Began Our foundry began machining per the request of our customers in 2002. Three years later, Prototype Casting began cutting tools from pattern board on Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) equipment. This transition allowed for higher speeds in CNC machining than our company previously …Read More

  4. Rubber Plaster Mold Casting vs Rapid Investment Casting

    Casting prototypes of tools and parts is a complex process that must be done with precision and executed by trained and experienced professionals. At Prototype Casting, our experts take your most complex designs, give advice for design modifications when necessary, and turn your ideas into a reality…Read More