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When most people think of casting, they think of the sand casts used to produce intricate parts and products. While yes, sand casting is one of the most recognizable forms of casting and is widely used as a favored production method, it is not always the most efficient type of cast — especially if your priority is quick production.

For customers who are looking for a casting method that is cost-efficient and easily scalable, permanent...


At Protocast Inc., we are proud to offer a number of high-quality CNC machining services to our customers in the Denver area. All of our engineers are experts in the unique challenges associated with casting and machining and have experience making flawless dies, tools, and prototypes.

If you are interested in our CNC machining services, be sure to contact a member of our team today....


At Protocast Inc., we are the premier foundry in the greater Denver area. But you don’t get to be the premier foundry by simply offering casting and machining services — you also need to go above and beyond.

When our team begins a new project, we do so with the intent to cast or machine a prototype or intricate part with the hopes and goal that it is precision-made, strong, and meets all the functional needs of our clients. One of the...


At Protocast Inc. we have been providing the greater Denver area with prototype casting and industrial casting services for over 20 years. As we have grown in size, we have noticed more and more that while our customers really want a beautiful product that has gone through rapid prototype casting, they also want to get a better idea of how their prototype has been cast. After all, when people think of casting they simply think of pouring...


As a foundry in Denver, we often get the question “What is the difference between die casting and CNC machining?” And oftentimes, when we get that question it is quickly followed up with “How do I know what method of production is best for my project?”

Both questions are valid, being that the intricacies of the work we do in our foundry are often murky for people that have never directly worked in one, or even taken a tour of a...


There are many different kinds of casting, but one of the more common types of casting is stainless steel investment casting. As a Commerce City, Colorado foundry, we often work with stainless steel to cast prototypes and tools for our clients. But why do we use steel so often?


At Protocast Inc., we specialize in manufacturing prototypes and models for our clients — and there are many methods that we can use to do so. Among the common ways that we manufacture prototypes is sand casting. Whether you need to eliminate product design flaws, simulate your di-cast parts before investing in machining, or produce anywhere from one to 5,000 castings a year, Protocast Inc. is here to help.

Most people think that they...


The prototype casting industry is unique in the sense that there are a great number of different methodologies that can be used to create a finished product. That being said, we are always learning new things and seeking knowledge on new casting topics so that we can bring you, our customer, high-quality prototypes and products.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing what sets sand casting apart from other methods of prototype casting,...


The prototype industry is unique in that it is constantly evolving, much more so than your average field of business. For metal shops like ours to stay viable and ahead of the curve, we must always be pushing ourselves to further our education and industry knowledge. In order to stay at the top of the market, it takes a unique company that, from the top down, is dedicated to continuously challenging themselves by learning new processes....


Let’s dive right into today’s post, which, as the title no doubt already gave away, is all about aluminum casting. Briefly, though, allow us to explain when and why you would use Protocast Inc., beyond the obvious purposes of the aforementioned aluminum casting services.


We are a Denver machine shop that is experienced in working with a wide range of client types — businesses that hail from a diverse group of industries, from automotive, aerospace, and defense, to medical, robotics, and oil & gas.

We specialize in aluminum, magnesium, and zinc cast and CNC machine parts for these industries most commonly, but don’t be alarmed if you aren’t seeing your field listed above — our Denver foundry offers...