Casting Process


Investment Casting

 RPM Casting

Sand Casting


 A319  X  X  X  Used to simulate the heat transfer rates of die-cast A380
 A355  X  X  X  Rarely used, but is still supported
 A356  X  X  X  Most common gravity cast alloy of aluminum. With a T6 temper, the mechanical properties are used to simulate die-cast A380
 A357  X  X  X  Stronger than A356. Best gravity cast aluminum for parts where strength is a concern
 A380  X  X  X  Gravity cast A380 is used when parts will be submitted for independent inspection prior to die-casting
 AZ91D  X  X  X  Most common gravity cast magnesium alloy. Lightweight.
 AM60  X  X  Magnesium alloy can be used in many applications, but is primarily for die casting
 Zinc  X  X  X  Nearly as strong as steel, zinc is an excellent choice when weight is not a design concern
 A206 and 413  X  Many more Aluminum Alloys are now being in demand